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Update:  August 23, 2008. New Farscape music video featuring John and Aeryn

Update:  June 17, 2008. I have added my Angel fanfiction to the site.  Please check it out and review.





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The Devoted Scapers and Shippers(DSAS) is a club that originally was for Farscape fans who are Shippers.  A shipper is a person who supports a particular couple on a show I am a John and Areyn Shipper. You don't have to support John and Areyn to join.  You do not have to ship for any Farscape pairing either.
The message board is now expanded to welcome shippers from other fandoms as well.  No matter which couple you support you are welcome here. Even shippers for unlikely couples are invited to join.


Note: Sad News! The multi-fandom site Midnight Tempest has gone down for good.  The webmistress had to retire because of real life concerns.  I'm sorry to see the site go.  Not just because my Angel, T7S, and Farscape videos had a home there but because there were so many other talented vidders hosted there as well.  It was really nice talking back and forth with those vidders.  Their feedback and willingness to help like offering much needed clips is something I always appreciated.  Elizabeth did an amazing job creating the site and bringing vidders from various fandoms together.  I know she hated shutting down the site, but it could not be helped. 

Disclaimer:  Farscape belongs to Henson and Company.  Don't sue me.  I own nothing.